Thursday, 27 March 2014

Moving Overseas

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Moving to Norway wasn't easy; I'm still adjusting to the new lifestyle. My house is incredibly small and only has one bedroom. I've managed to keep my privacy with curtains and I've come to love my new room! It's finally set up with the new items I picked up on my recent shopping spree. I tried to keep it simple and stuck with orange and blue for my main colors. My favorite buy was definitely the flower lights on the wall. I've been looking all over for them, and here they are! They're solar powered so they charge during the day and turn on when the sun goes now; very efficient. Most of my new findings are from (believe it or not) .. IKEA! Typical, especially for Norway, but they have everything you could ever need! My side table, lamp, flower lights, striped blanket, pillows, rug, animal fur and mint/black baskets are all from IKEA. I'm so glad I picked up the fur last second because our floor is hard and it's very soft and more cushioned than the rug alone. Since I moved to Norway, I've done close to nothing. I'm finished with school and I'm just waiting to go back to Alaska for my graduation. I went to Sweden and spent loads of money on clothes and some accessories. I can also share that! Most of my time is used taking photos, drawing and cooking new foods and desserts. I have to admit, it's really weird not having a schedule or need to go and do anything during the day. It's great to be close to family though, and I can't wait to travel Europe while I'm here and share photos of my visits!

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