Saturday, 12 April 2014

My Beauty Essentials

Saturday, 12 April 2014
Do you have that certain eyeliner or foundation that you couldn't live without? Well I know I have my beauty products I absolutely love! These are my go to beauty essentials that I pretty much use on a day to day basis. My essentials include: L'oreal moisturizer, Origins GinZing eye cream, Maybelline cover stick concealer, Maybelline Age Rewind dark circle eraser, Sephora pencil eyeliner, Maybelline liquid eyeliner, Maybelline BB cream, and my favorite Dior mascara. 

I have sensitive, dry skin, and it was difficult for me to find a moisturizer that actually worked. L'oreal's day face lotion is very light and works well for sensitive skin. It doesn't feel heavy at all and has SPF in it. I apply it all over my face and on my neck after washing my face and now my face is never dry. It also makes applying makeup easy on smooth skin. 
I always follow up with some eye cream. I recently tested out several eye creams and the Origins cream worked the best. You only need the smallest little dab around your eyes and keeps them super smooth. It's very important to take care of your eyes. It is very smooth and doesn't irritate the skin. Even if your eyes are already dry, it moisturizes so well without the irritation. I highly recommend both moisturizing products!

I use Maybelline's cover stick and dark circle eraser as concealers and they both have great coverage. They blend very well and last throughout the day. I use the cover stick to cover up any blemishes or spots. After applying foundation, I use the dark circle eraser (which isn't really a concealer but work great!) under my eyes and to touch up on any spots that are visible. 
I don't necessarily find Maybelline's BB cream to be a preference, but any BB cream works well for me. Garnier's BB cream also works well. For me, this is the magic. It's light to put on and blends to my skin tone. It covers up any blemishes that you might feel self conscious about and it is just perfect! 
 This has been my favorite pencil liner for a while now, and it's Urban Decay's pencil liner in the color 'demolition.' As you can see, I use it quite a bit. It goes well with a natural look and can blend well if desired. The color isn't too dark but it enhances the eyes. I also use this on my brows and it looks very natural.  
I don't use black liner everyday, but when I do, I always use this one. It's a liquid liner, but it has a fine tip that makes it easier to apply and doesn't run. With the type of eyes that I have, liquid liner doesn't work well for me. Every time I've used liquid liner it usually smears onto my upper lid. But this liner dries immediately and stays.  
To my favorite part of makeup, mascara! Dior's Black Out Waterproof mascara has been in my makeup bag for about 3 years now and I haven't used anything else. I just feel that mascara completes any look. I already feel better with mascara on without anything else! I haven't gone a day without using this product and I'll tell you why. My eyelashes are already pretty long, and most mascara's make them (believe it or not) too long. I have semi asian eyes and it just doesn't look right. I was looking for a mascara that made my lashes voluminous, without making them clumpy. After I tried this, I was in love! They never leave any clumpy residue and add volume to my lashes. They do make them longer but it's not over the top. My mom has short lashes and she also used this and it worked great. So you don't need long lashes for this mascara! If you're looking for the perfect mascara, I highly recommend you to try this one!

If you have any recommendations or tips let me know (:


  1. I actually quite like the looks of that liquid eyeliner!

    x Michelle |

  2. Great post! I really liked reading about your essentials :)


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