Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Paul Mitchell Straight Works Smoothing Review

Tuesday, 15 April 2014
Paul Mitchell's Straight Works Smoothing gel is one of my purchases that I've have for about a month now. To be completely honest, for the first two weeks of using this I thought I had wasted my money, especially considering that it's sorta pricey. My hair is wavy, frizzy, and spirally on the inside. In short, it's difficult to find hair products that actually work. I started using a little more all throughout my hair after towel drying it. My hair is actually quite soft after I blow-dry it and isn't dry and frizzy like it used to be. The product scared me when I first used it because it was very thick like the gels that make your hair crispy. Don't worry, this gel does not make your hair crispy whatsoever. I believe I bought it for about $22, but there is a lot of product and I think it'll last me quite a while. It's not the best product I've used, but it does smooth all types of hair. 
As a side note, I highly recommend the Biolage hair products. They are pricey but they do wonders, especially they're conditioner. I found that spending a little more money on good hair products is worth it. 

Please comment if you have a suggestions or thoughts! (:

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  1. love this product!


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